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A Second Shot At Casey Anthony: What's All The Double Talk About Double Jeopardy?

July 14th 2011 19:43
Ever since the astonishing verdict reached last week in the Casey Anthony murder trial, people around the world have vehemently expressed shock and outrage over the jury's decision to acquit Anthony on Florida murder charges related to the death of her 3 year-old daughter, Caylee. This confused, unprepared, inept rag tag collection of jurors, most of whom failed to even take notes during the course of the trial which was full of cryptic forensic evidence, conflicting testimony, and sidebards aplenty, deliberated for a little over 10 hours before reaching its dubious verdict. The head-shaking outrage of the hasty verdict was made even more questionable by the fact that some of the jurors admitted they were confused and in a hurry to finish up with their duties in order to meet their vacation plans and other personal commitments. In other words, in the eyes of the jury, the need to take the time to undergo a patient and reasoned analysis of all the available evidence was trumped by a bigger desire to meet those pressing playtime plans.

Some of the Anthony jurors have since questioned out loud why so many people believe they were incompetent. No, there is no "punch line" to add here.

The JukeboxHero agrees that the verdict in The State of Florida vs Casey Marie Anthony was a travesty of justice given the overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence and preponderence of common sense needed to conclude that Caylee Anthony's death was no accident, and that there is only one legitimate killer of this small child----and that is Casey Anthony. In the aftermath of this ludicrous verdict, people all over the world have expressed bitter disappointment with the outcome, often ridiculing the American system of justice as a laughingstock. Millions have also manifested their disgruntlement in the form of petitions directed to various leaders of the country, including the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, Robert O'Neill, United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, and even President Barack Obama, requesting that the United States Government try Anthony on Federal criminal charges regarding her despicable actions. The Jukebox Hero has eagerly endorsed the idea of bringing federal charges against Anthony for Murder and Obstruction of Justice as evidenced by last week's article on this blog "The Federal Government Should Prosecute Casey Anthony". The various online petitions in question have amassed thousands and thousands of signatures, as well as adding commentary urging the United States to seek justice for this precious murdered child.

And sometimes a cigar is something else!

The response to the Petition to try Anthony on federal charges has had its share of detractors as well, some of whom feel repulsed by the notion of exposing Anthony and her attorneys to the rigors of yet another trial. Some people characterize the wide outpouring of outrage over the verdict and the requests to try Anthony in Federal Court as the product of a "mob mentality" or some inordinate obsession with Casey Anthony. One notable CNN TV anchor, Howard Kurtz, blasted his colleagues and the media in general for "going utterly bonkers" with its coverage of the Anthony trial while accusing the media and American public of an unhealthy obsession with Killer Casey. These people cannot understand why anyone would want to see poor little Casey retried again after that rough-and-tumble experience she went through in the Florida court. Some feel the United States Government has no interest in this case sufficient to bother with the time and expense of prosecuting Anthony anew. And then there are the protests coming from many who insist that the Federal Government could not prosecute Anthony because of protections against Double Jeopardy contained in the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. To bring forth federal charges against Casey Anthony, they clammor, would violate her rights to be free from Double Jeopardy, so they conclude there will never be a subsequent indictment against Anthony, or trial based thereon, in Federal Court.

The detractors and opponents of a successive Federal prosecution against Ms Casey have it all wrong though, and below the Jukebox Hero will explain why that is so:


What some misguided people automatically point to as a type of "mob mentality" is actually their refusal to understand how the murder of a small innocent child stirs the passions of a society composed of caring human beings who individually and collectively feel aghast at the notion that a Mother could value her own self-centered party lifestyle over that of the child. The vehement reaction to the Anthony verdict is not the product of some twisted fascination with Casey, as they try to convince us that is the case, but rather a display of genuine angst among civilized people that the child was killed without justice, without the true killer being held accountable for the horrible act. In actuality, it is refreshing and important to the very stability of society that people react in such a fashion because it shows that, We The People, care passionately for the child and are revulsed by the idea that a Mother who is supposed to love and nurture the child, kills the child in order to get the child out of the way in order to further a purely selfish agenda. Just today, a new disturbing story has emerged concerning the murder of a young child in Brooklyn, New York, in a Jewish community where the killer dismembered the body and stored the feet in a freezer. The whole community is up in arms over the child's death, just as one would expect the case to be. So, it's not about Casey Anthony; It is all about an innocent murdered child. Any reasonable person with a modicum of decency harbored in their heart would be outraged, too, by such a despicable act which runs counterclockwise to every maternal instinct of a responsble parent. The "mob" that is accused of having improper motives is, in reality, a manifestation of sentiment for a fallen child, in this case, Caylee Anthony. To that extent, I am proud to be part of this "mob".


Detractors claim we who want Casey Anthony prosecuted by Federal authorities are "obsessed" with her and obsessed with the case. As I explained above, we are obsessed alright------we are obsessed with the concept that in the American system of jurisprudence a murdered child should receive the justice for which the system demands pursuant to ideals of our founding fathers. When the system malfunctions like it did in the Florida courtroom, and makes a mockery of the concept of individualized justice, we, The People, are fortunate to have an alternative source for which fair and objective justice can be found. And THAT is something to be obsessed about. But, by the same token, there are those out there who ARE obsessed with Casey Anthony, those who express their love and admiration for her on many online discussion forums and chat sites. These are the ones who are posting things like "We love you Casey" and "I want to marry you, Casey" and "Casey, lets have a baby together" and those who sing and dance and celebrate the fact she managed to elude justice. And, in my opinion, that's not just an obsession: It's a sickness as well.

The Verdict Makes Everyone SICK!


Some self-professed legal and non-legal experts proclaim that the Federal Government would be barred from prosecuting Anthony under any available federal statutes due to the Fifth Amendment's prohibitions against multiple prosecutions under the principle of "Double Jeopardy". These people are good about being able to parrot the phrase "double jeopardy" without understanding its true legal ramifications. To recap, Casey Anthony was indicted and tried on murder charges pursuant to the Florida Statute 782.04 (1)(a)(1), a general provision forbidding the unlawful killing of a human being. As we all know now, she was acquitted on murder charges by the jury.

This verdict in the state court in no way prohibits the United States from bringing charges against Anthony for Murder under Ttitle 18, U.S.C., Section 1111, which in one subsection speaks directly to the charge of murdering a child, an element of the offense for which is not mentioned in the applicable Florida statute. It is a well-settled principle of law that the Fifth Amendment's Double Jeopardy Clause does not bar the Federal Government from prosecuting an individual on similar or exact acts formerly tried in a State Court following acquittal or conviction. Bartkus v United States, 359 U.S. 121 (1959); Abbate v United States, 359 U.S. 187 (1959); United States v. Basile, 109 F. 3d 1304 (8th Cir. 1997). This is because of the legal principle of Dual Sovereignty, which freely permits the federal government to prosecute individuals who violate its laws and regulations. The only qualification for which the United States Attorney and ultimately Attorney General, Eric Holder, would have to analyze is whether a successive or subsequent prosecution of Casey Anthony under federal statutes would meet a "compelling federal interest". Some are quick to say this case is of no substance to the Federal Government and they would have no interest in exposing Anthony to the federal murder statutes, but, let's hold on for a second. Not so fast! Because of a many newly-enacted laws designed for the intensified safety and protection of children all across this country, both on the State and Federal levels, it would appear that the United States indeed has a "compelling federal interest" to apply those lofty standards to Caylee Anthony's untimely death in determining who or what caused her death. Moreover, according to the defense's theory in the State case, Casey may have known about the death which is implied to be actually attributable to George Anthony, the Father of Casey, and together they concocted a plan to lie and deceive and ultimately conceal the body elsewhere. Under this set of facts, the Federal Government could realistically charge Casey AND GEORGE with conspiracy to commit murder under Title 18 U.S.C, Section 1117, and also Obstruction Of Justice pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C., Section 1503 in repeatedly lying to federal investigators, including members of NCIS and the FBI. And, lastly, the United States could prosecute Anthony for lying to federal authorities during the course of a criminal investigation. That alone should justify about 100 counts or so.

In United States v Koon, 833 F. Supp 769 (CD Cal 1993), affirmed 34 F. 3d 1416 (1994), Officer Stacy Koon and his partner badly beat Rodney King in a famous event displayed on TV screens across the world. After being acquitted on State charges, Koon and his partner were subsequently tried in federal court for the same acts, convicted, and served time. I would assume the "federal interest" associated in that notable case was no less compelling than finding justice for a small murdered child, especially in light of the huge public outcry with nearly the same intensity and fervor that occurred in Los Angeles' Watts community with respect to the beating of Rodney King.

Having established a solid predicate for the Feds to step in now and do the right thing--- the very thing that will restore faith in the American justice system---- Casey Anthony, once again, should be duly prosecuted for the insidious crime she committed against her small innocent daughter and against the standards of decency that mark a progressive society. The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial set justice back another 100 years of so, and if Eric Holder and the Federal Government is as serious as it claims to be about laws designed to more adequately and more sufficiently protect our country's children, we should expect to see Killer Casey with her phoney baloney tears and pouting mug back in Federal Court to receive the justice for which she should be helfd accountable. Let's put the kibosh on her plans to return to her party-hearty lifestyle.
No Soup For You!! Come back, 50 years!!

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31 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by qeylar

July 15th 2011 11:56
Basic; there was no evidence that Kaylee was murdered. Second, there was no Nexus between Casey and the body of the the child.

Evidence is required for a conviction. There is no evidence. If there hadn't been such an outcry no prosecutor would have brought such a lame case to court.

Comment by Mindy Hewitt

July 15th 2011 12:18
Oh really? I guess Caylee stuck duct tape over her own mouth and wrapped herself up in two trash bags, drove herself around in the back of the trunk, and dumped herself in the woods. No murder? Sir, you need a big dose of reality! There is OVERWHELMING evidence to cause a reasonable person to conlcude the child was murdered. A

And, if she WAS murdered---which she was---who did it? Who is the only person with means and motive? Who is the only person that lied and lied and lied about the child's whereabouts for 31 days? Who is the ONLY person to know exactly where the child was? Want a name? CASEY ANTHONY.

If and when the Feds prosecute this depicable woman, all this confusion which has YOU blind will be revealed.

Comment by Hugh Morrisette, Attorney

July 15th 2011 13:23
Thoroughly enjoyed your article, Mr. LegEagle, and I concur wholeheartedly with your personal and legal conclusions. The writer above who opines there is "no evidence" that Caylee Anthony was murdered is laboring under a bit of self-delusion or is otherwise in love with Casey Anthony and has a dream they will hook up and have a baby or two. Reasonable evidence adduced at trial most certainly leads a reasonable person to know with reasonable certainty that the child was murdered. WHO murdered her is fairly obvious, even to a skeptic. I, like you and millions of others, hope the Federal Government will have the fortitude to bring charges against Anthony so people like quelay above will abanadon the dream of having sexual intercourse with Casey Anthony.

Comment by qeylar

July 15th 2011 16:38
The writer who says there was no evidence is labouring under the delusion that this is what the Jury found.

Silly me...

I thought she was acquited of murder!

Oh, and BTW....according to the Medical evidence, (don't you just hate the fact that the Courts want evidence and not your feelings?) there was no determination of what killed the child, if the child was killed or died naturally...
you know

that silly thing...cause of death? Yeah, isn't it annoying that Courts need proof of cause of death?

I know how you Americans hate to be annoyed with evidence and justice, I say, form a lynch mob, you've got lots of precedent for that, and lynch Casey Anthony!

Yeah! A

Comment by dancottone

July 15th 2011 16:58
"...most of whom failed to even take notes..."

I know the rules differ from state to state, but the last time I was on a jury in my state, we were told jurors weren't allowed to take notes. Is it OK in Florida?

Comment by Mason Hart III, Attorney at Law

July 15th 2011 19:14
qeylar, all that you mention above is the very reason the Federal Government should take over this case, You seem to have a grasp on some of the events of this trial, so what do you make out of the fact that jurors in that case are now expressing regret over the decision. Some are saying they wish they could take the decision back. Some are stating they did rush to judgment.. Some are saying they did not spend the necessary time it took to properly review the evidence. If they would have done that, if they would have fulfilled the most rudimentary role of a jury, there is a reasonable likelihood they would have concluded the child was murdered. Three of the State's expert witnesses, including the emminently qualified Dr. Vass, stated she was murdered, and the defense's key witness, Dr. Spitz, who is actually nothing bit a kook, said she MAY not have been murdered. Many of the jurors stated Spitz's testimony is what made the greatest impact on them. Should these jurors have not felt the need to rush to get on with their vacation and personal commitments and would have thoroughly explored the evidence, their conclusions, many feel, would have been strikingly different. This type of juror misconduct is precisely what creates a federal interest in the case, and why they should seriously think about filing charges against Casey---the same ones mentioned by Davido above. Yes, she was acquitted, but it is the basis for the acquittal is what begs for federal intevention. The mere fact alone that one of the jurors cast his vote on the belief that Casey Anthony is a good Mother is indicative of a jury not functioning with the appropriate degree of rationale to produce a credible verdict.

Comment by LumberJACK

July 15th 2011 19:57
Damn good story there Davido. I hope the Feds prosecute the hell out of her nasty ass.

Comment by Jason Lowenstein

July 15th 2011 20:09
I agree there is every reason the United States Government should assume prosecution of Casey Anthony based on juror misconduct. Just listen to what some of thse jurors are saying about how they reached a decision. God, what a friggin' sham!! This was one of the most confused and imbecilic bunch of jurists ever assembled. Only one had the mental capacity to understand the intracacies of the forensic evidence presented which made the State's case far more believable than the junk the defense put out that was so hastily bought by these foolish souls. The very notion they would admit to rushing a decision so they could make their vacation plans is nauseating! And, yes to the question asked by dancotte, Florida juries are fully permitted to take notes and are EXPECTED to. This jury was provided with notebooks for that purpose but most rarely used them. With the volumes of forensic evidence to study and lots of conflicting testimony, this group was clueless.

Comment by Jared Paniotto

July 15th 2011 20:15
I believe the issue the author writes about is the legal concept of Double Jeopardy, and he is absolutely correct in stating the Federal Government could legally prosecute Casey Anthony if it so chose without offending her rights under the Fifth Amendment.

Comment by qeylar

July 15th 2011 20:19
I understand the ex post facto arguments...but when I heard the facts, all I could think of was...

What evidence is there that the child was murdered?

What connects the mother to the death/murder of the child?

I didn't see those points. Sure we can 'feel' that the mother....or we can skip the necessary logic and claim...'the child didn't wrap herself in duct tape, so the mother must have wrapped her in duct tape..'

If there is a retrail, (forget double jeopardy) the evidence will remain the same.

This is why I felt she'd be acquitted from day one. There simply wasn't the evidence.

Just like with OJ...(although there was some evidence)...however....consid er what happened to OJ...if she's guilty the same thing will happen to her.

Comment by Anonymous

July 16th 2011 03:02
She's been found innocent. Accept it and move on.

Comment by Taggard

July 16th 2011 10:31
She's been found innocent on the State level by reason of juror misconduct. We are moving on---to federal jurisdiction. Accept THAT.

Comment by Beermeister

July 16th 2011 10:38
When I start to listen to legal advice from someone in Hollywood that's the day I start pulling out my own teeth without novacaine. The same Hollywood bunch who thinks the most pressing news on the face of the earth is Kim Kardashia's facelift or whether Jennifer Anniston has a new boyfriend. Honey, don't be offended, but what someone thinks about legal issues in Hollywood is just not that important. Great story there LE. You've sure got MY support for a federal trial.

Comment by Robert Korman

July 16th 2011 13:32
Superb story by one of th best writers on the Orble site. I absolutely agree with everything you have state, and if the United States Government cares about the safety and security of children in the country it will move quickly and effectively to prosecute Casey Anthony.

Comment by RoadGopher

July 16th 2011 14:34
While I'm not convinced the Feds would ever expend time and money to prosecute this woman, I certainly agree with you that if anyone ever DID deserve to be hit with a federal indictment it is Casey Anthony. The jury verdict in the case was nothing short of a sham, unintelligent jurors rattled and confused, thinking more about upcoming vacations than the duty of rendering an accurate verdict made with time and thought. Now they're regretting what they did. Just listen to some of the comments these jurors are making. It gives you the willies. The Feds should look at this very reason as an interest for bringing charges against the killer. They won't, but it is definitely justified.

Comment by Lee Patterson

July 18th 2011 17:08
The word is that killer skank is in Ohio hiding out. I'm embarrassed that she is in this sate, so I hope the Feds swoon down on her and try her for Murder and Obstruction like they should.

Comment by Anonymous

July 20th 2011 03:53
Davido LegEagle: Great article and I couldnt agree with you more! I strongly feel that the jury did not follow the law or take the time to deliberate this case. The evidence was overwhelming and the fact that they didnt ask questions, take notes, or review expert testimony, tapes, evidence, etc,.. speaks volumes. Jurors are supposed to deliberate and they did NOT do this. They did not do their civic duty. I am still shocked by this verdict, the unprofessional behavior of the defense team, and the fact that this murderer is now free. Jose Baez KNEW that Cindy Anthony was going to perjure herself and he allowed it anyway. Something is very wrong here. I pray to GOD that the Federal Govt will go after Casey Anthony. She should be in prison, not enjoying the freedom she took away from her daughter! Please where is the petition for me to sign?

Comment by AnonymousCeleste

July 20th 2011 05:31
I suppose one could come to the conclusion that this wasn't a murder if there were some way to explain how a 2 year old could suffocate herself with duct tape and then wrap herself in not one but 2 garbage bags and a laundry bag and then throw herself, all bundled up, mind you, in a wooded swamp to rot and be chewed on by animals....and I didn't even mention the part about her mother partying and entering hot body contests and lying to her parents for 31 days until her mother, Caylee's grandmother, finally tracked her down and realizing Caylee wasn't with her and something was very wrong, called see, the child's mother never did call and probably never would have called.

Comment by Anonymous

July 21st 2011 11:03
The jury is even saying that not guilty doesn't mean INNOCENT!! Their stomachs were being their conscious and they turned a blind eye. Disgusting.

Comment by Jane Pangello

July 21st 2011 11:22
During deliberations some of the jurors proclaimed they had vacations coming and other things they needed to do so they wanted to wrap it up quick. They refused to cover all the evidence. They just wanted to get outta there. Very few notes were taken by any jurors during trial. This was a clueless bunch of idiots. The United States needs to take a hard look at the case.

Comment by Anonymous

July 21st 2011 16:35
Exactly, Jane! Not to mention they left their notebooks on their jury seats when they went in to deliberate....first big clue!!

Comment by Glenda Burke

July 21st 2011 23:22
OK all you pro Casey people, here is the thing, if she is so innocent, you should welcome the the chance for her to prove it once and for all. After all, if this was done, IF she was found not guilty YET AGAIN, then yes I would have to concur MAYBE I WAS WRONG..... until that time, I have to say, MAYBE I AM RIGHT..... so thereofore, you think she is not guilty, lets try one more time, then if there is another time she is found not guilty, all of us will have to say YES, OK, NOT GUILTY TWICED, I HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT....... You so sure she is not guilty, let her prove it ONE MORE TIME.....

Comment by Anonymous

July 22nd 2011 14:20
Circumstantial evidence IS just as strong as direct evidence and there was a MOUNTAIN of it in this case. The fact that a jury would dispute the expert opinion of experienced law enforcement personnel and cadavre dogs, including Anthony's own mother, to the fact that there WAS the smell of decomposition in the vehicle is astounding.
If you want to ignore that a 2 year old was found wrapped in trash bags and a laundry bag from her mother's home-- mouth and nose covered in RARE duct tape from their home state of Ohio, along with her mother living it up for 31 days without reporting the death to authorities, if you want to call that "normal", then I so be it. The body was dumped within walking distance of the home in a place where Anthony used o bury pets. Coincidence? You want more evidence than that? I
In my book, that adds up to hard circumstantial evidence that any logical intelligent person can be led to conclude that CASEY murdered her daughter. In what world is this behavior normal? I'm stumped at the responses in favor of a woman who is without a doubt guilty of killing her child. The coverup theory can be flushed down the toilet due to the FBI agents testimony of the trace of a heart shaped sticked over the mouth on the duct tape. The same stickers were found in Anthony's bedroom, and on stationary in the home. Now why would a kidnapper do that?
America will set an example by prosecuting this criminal federally.
Excellent article.

Comment by Collingsworth

July 22nd 2011 18:01
I agree, excellent article, and well stated for the cause. One of the first commentators wrote that there was absolutely NO evidence to suggest, much less prove, the child was murdered. I had to laugh out loud at that one. He apparently buys the defense theory that the little girl may have drowned, rose from the pool like Lazarus, slammed some duct tape over her mouth, and wrapped herself up ij not one but TWO trash bags, climbed into the back of a trunk for a week, rotted a little more, then tossed herself into the woodsy area. This same poster is also overlooking the testimony of three renown pathologists who testified the child was murdered. He buys the testimony of Dr. Spitz who is a damn kook over Dr. Vass and Dr. G. No murder? Yeah, and the sun is going to rise in the West tomorrow. Anyway, terrific article. The Feds need to get their ducks in a row and put this little killer away for good.

Comment by Anonymous

July 28th 2011 07:39
I like this artical. I hope and pray that the Federal Government steps in and gets the justice for Caylee that she needs. Btw the person that said something about there being no nexus between Casey and the body What about the smell of a routing body that was in the trunk of her car? Also someone said something about ONE medical examener saing they couldn't say if it was murder or not why in the hell do you think Casey kept lying for 31 days about where Caylee was the longer she could keep her from being found the more decomposed her body would be so there would be no Evidence to show she had murdered this persious Child. Use your head people. Anyone that has a child and Loves and Cares about that Child is not and I repeat not going to let thier Child go missing for 31 days and not report it, but hell Casey didn't even have a heart to do that Her Mother Caylee's Grandmother had to do it because Casey just didn't give a Damn.

Comment by Rightous indignation

July 29th 2011 03:37
Your text goes herequelar: Thankfully circumstantial evidence is evidence just the same. This toddler did not die of natural causes. Someone wrapped duct tape around her little head and stuck it to her nice light brown hair. They dosed her with chloroform and then wrapped her with her regular pooh blanket from her bed. They wrapped her in NOT one but two garbage bags and a rare type of laundry bag. She was placed in the back of Casey’s car for a time until the smell was too much. She stole the gas cans to put in the trunk to gas smell the trunk. She abandoned the car after throwing the baby in her childhood PET cemetery. how many people would know where you buried your pets. Her mother cleaned out her car completely, with a bottle of febreeze, she washed a pair of pants that had liquid decomp on them she threw dryer sheets in there to mix up the smell . READ the text messages betw her and TL on the web about how she knocked the SNOT the F*** out so he could come over and fornicate. So she admitted she knocked her out before.

Comment by Help Caylee

July 29th 2011 04:23
Ms Hollywood Remember being found NOT guilty is not the same as innocent. Moving on is not going to happen for this group for some time. .

In this case it boggles the mind and soul to even type the word innocent. The only person in this tragedy that was innocent is precious Caylee. She never had a chance and she needs to have a voice, PLEASE ]MR Holder this helpless little child needs to have a voice that will speak for her as not one person in this family had the courage to stand for her.
We have a little of everything in this case, jury ignoring instructions, deliberating prior to instructions, jurors not understanding by their own admission and not asking for clarification, despite Judge Perry bending backwards to meet their needs.
Cindy admitting that she did the searches for the chemicals at home in the face of the fact her IT department stating she was logged on the work server. Even if the 80 searches was a mistake, she still said if there were 80 searches then I did them. Which speaks volumes. Because as we now know there was not that many searches, she did not know that, so she just said she did them becaise she did not know how many searches that Casey did.
If she will not pay her IRS bill can she be charged (jailed) for that also like others that do not pay taxes.

Comment by WoundedSoul

July 29th 2011 10:45
Thank you, Davido, for articulating the feelings and thouughts of so many people around the world so nicely on this issue. Two weeks later and the supposedly INNOCENT Casey Anthony hasn't showed her face anywhere, instead hiding under a rock like the shiftless snake she is. Two weeks has passed and no action taken by the Feds YET, not even a word from Eric Holder, if the Govt is thinking about prosecuting this evil being, and it scares me because I actually thought Holder might do the right thing. If it would have been some black woman who killed their child, Oh GOD, the Feds would be RUSHING to bury the woman. Why are the Feds scared of Casey Anthony? And, she's subject to go to jail because of WILLFUL failure to pay taxes, so what are they waiting on there----for Casey to rest from her earlier ordeal? This is ridiculous and our system of justice is NOTHING if the U.S. Government doesn't step in to vindicate the death of Caylee. If our Attorney General and federal prosecutors believe that we are all going to just forget about Casey Anthony and what she did, THEY ARE WRONG!! DO SOMETHING ERIC HOLDER!!

But 98% of the public know a killer got off and justice for Caylee should be undertaken by the Feds. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????

Comment by MERCY

August 7th 2011 21:40
you resume all the facts of this fake trial!!! thank u for speak in the name of the public. the only thing we want is justice por that poor little girl. ms casey anthony is nothing for us is less than an ant.

Comment by Unbelievable Lies

October 30th 2011 21:34
David LegEagle: You can't be a lawyer because you don't even understand the basics of law. Why don't you look up Federal jurisdiction and see if you can explain why Casey can be tried in Federal court for murder. You don't even realize how incompetent your article is sounding. Its not about the laws broken or other trials with completely different facts, its about the Casey trial and the facts of that case, not other cases! Please tell me how this is a federal case... I doubt you will answer but I'll try.

Comment by Anonymous

November 10th 2011 10:50
No evidence?!? Just because you didn't see Casey in the actual 'Act' of murder-doesn't relate anything to reasonable doubt-Window of 3 hours, Casey left w/ Caylee-never seen again-coded messages make me sick, like Caylee never existed! All 4 Anthonys should be charge with conspeiracy to hide/destroy/tampering/deceive the Police and FBI- Someone help us get justice for Caylee Marie Anthony!!!Casey can disappear, this isn't for her-she's a loser destined to hide FOREVER!

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