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April 21st 2012 16:24
After watching last Monday night's stunning and rather upsetting installment of the ever-popular TV talent show "The Voice", and stewing about it all week, I propose today that we add a new word to the American vocabulary. It is the word "Campbelled". It simply means getting kicked out of a place for no good reason, or reasons that are a product of dopey thinking. I came up with this word in honor of "The Voice" contestant, Jesse Campbell, who got himself "Campbelled" like no other person has got Campbelled before in the history of TV by dopey Dopemeister, Christina Aguilera, a judge on the show. The concept of being "Campbelled" can be used interchangeably with a number of grittier words, most notably "screwed", but in this case getting "Campbelled" takes on a very special meaning.

Here are a few examples of what getting "Campbelled" could mean:

I went to the library to check out a library book, forgot my card, and the stern librarian "Campbelled" me. Or;

As a high school student student I bowed my head for a quick prayer and the teacher "Campbelled" me out of the class; Or

I rolled my eyes at the TSA agent in frustration when he insisted on looking down my pants during my flight check-in, so he "Campbelled" me; Or

I went to the car dealership and wanted to buy a vehicle without a down payment and the salesman quickly "Campbelled" me; Or

I asked my boss for a raise and got myself "Campbelled" lickity split;

I went to "Hooters", ordered up some hot wings, gave the waitress an appreciative wink, and she ceremoniously "Campbelled" me;

And how about this one: I appeared on a TV talent show, sang beautifully, and then got myself "Campbelled" by some imperious, snooty judge.

You get my drift.

There are alot of situations where you can find yourself getting "Campbelled".

Any reasonably objective person who watched Jesse Campbell and listened to him sing will know right away our new word is a very fitting description as to what occurred on "The Voice" stage last Monday night. Campbell was easily the most talented vocalist on Christina Aguilera's team, and arguably the finest singer in the whole competition this season or last. His voice was, and IS, pure and sweet and can ascend up the harmonic scale with the technical proficiency of Ms Aguilera herself. He is that good.

Jesse Just Got Himself

So, what happens? He got himself "Campbelled" by a Coach/Mentor/Judge who had PROMISED Jesse she would always fight for him.

In our definition of what getting "Campbelled" means, I also included the phrase "Reasons that are a product of dopey thinking". Christina certainly meets and even exceeds that part of the definition.

Following Campbell's ouster from the show, the next night "The Voice" host Carson Daly asked Aguilera directly about her shocking and hugely controversial decision to boot off Campbell. But rather than being able to deliver up any specific rationale for her decision, Christina launched into a confused loopy spiel praising herself for being, as she claimed, strong and resillient, a fighter. She sidestepped Daly's specific question just like the questions directed to her why she wears dresses on the show that makes her boobs looks as if they are about to erupt from their skimpy encasement.

Watch Out Or You, Too, Might Get Campbelled!!

Some fighter this Christina is. The only thing she is fighting is to keep those knockers under control.

In the case of Jesse Campbell, those fans, like myself, who have watched "The Voice" on a regular basis since its inception, detect there is something quite suspicious about Christina's (strange) decision to eliminate him from the competition, despite Campbell's obvious superb singing proficiently he displayed since Day One. Some theorize Christina has entered into a secret pact with Coach Adam Levine as a means to have contestant Tony Lucca, a former Disney playmate of Christina's who, for some odd reason, she does not like or respect, booted off the show. The story goes that Christina elected to sacrifice Campbell, hands down her best singer, in exchange for Lucca's coach, Levine, eliminating Tony this coming Monday night. Me? I think that is a little far-fetched because it would be giving Christina Aguilera way too much credit for clever thinking. No, I think the decision to get rid of Jesse Campbell is very simple and fundamental and something which has a recurring underlying theme in most TV reality shows: It is the product of outright jealousy on Christina's part. Here we have a contestant in Campbell who is every bit Christina's equal in vocal proficiency, and something like that surely can't set well with the delicate diva. So, what else is there to do for Christina but show Jesse Campbell the door. And she did. In other words, Jesse got "Campbelled".

Yes, the more I think about it, the more I like this new proposed entry into the lexicon for it is tailor-made for a number of situations that might crop up on our daily journey through society, but it is particularly applicable here to describe the inane decision to kick off the best voice on "The Voice".

Sadly, for Jesse and for music lovers everywhere, that's what getting "Campbelled" is all about.

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Comment by John Messier

April 21st 2012 17:48
Great story, Master Davido-Leg. I couldn't agree more with the jesse Campbell fiasco. That dude can SANG!!

Comment by Anonymous

April 22nd 2012 11:29
The harridan Christina is a termagant for sure but I like your word!

Comment by Bo Bice

April 22nd 2012 15:52
Dumb decision. The dude can flat out SING. I think she's on drugs!

Comment by Jill Mitland

April 27th 2012 15:21
I could not believe my ears and eyes when Christina eliminated Jesse Campbell and I think it is an outrage. She blew her chance of winning The Voice with such a dumb decision.....but dumb is Christina's middle name.

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