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July 7th 2011 15:54

Of course, good readers, this is normally a Music Blog, but, with one of the most repugnant pieces of legal decision-making that has come down the pike in a long, long time, the ridiculous verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial this week blasts a sour note loud enough to cause every American citizen to cringe in agony.

The psycopathic liar-killer of her own small daughter, Caylee, escaped justice this week when a harried, confused, and rushed jury handed down a verdict of acquittal on murder charges against Ms Anthony that could have sent her to the Death Chamber should she have been convicted. Anyone who has followed the case, and who has applied a modicum of logic and common sense to this sordid affair understands there could be no otherperson responsible for the death of young Caylee than the party-hearty, twisted, pathological liar, Casey Anthony. Even though this was a circumstantial case, all reasonable evidence pointed to no one else than "Tot Mom". Even more illustrative of Ms Anthony's culpable state of mind in deliberately causing the death of her 3 year-old daughter is her computer searches of the words "neck breaking", "chloroform", "spleen rupturing", prior to the death of Caylee. Even so, a gross miscarriage of justice resulted when a confused jury returned a not guilty verdict. Jurors stated they felt if hey had returned a guilty verdict Ms Anthony would have absolutely have been sentenced to death. Other jurors rushed to a hasty verdict due to pending vacations and scheduled personal events.

The Giggly Killer Gets Off

This verdict---this shammockery of justice----causes the American legal system to look like a laughingstock. It is a slap in the face to all Americans who expect and deserve the legitimate functioning of justice when criminals commit horrific crimes, especially against young, innocent children.

The Murder of A Beautiful Child Should not Be Forgotten

When the verdict was rendered, Ms Anthony grinned and mugged for the camera. The sour mug that she had displayed all during the course of the trial, suddenly looked like she did when she was partying when Caylee was dead. She commented that she is ready to party again. She said she is ready to have more children. On of her attorneys, Chaney Mason, celebrated the victory by giving us all the middle finger.

Anthony Attorney Mason: "Here's what I think of your justice system!"

Today in the Florida courtroom Casey Anthony was sentenced to four (4) years in prison, not for the insane violence perpetrated on her small daughter, but, for lying to police officers during the course of the investigation. As things stand now, Casey Anthony will walk the streets free to party again, and free to once again propigate the species, in just a few weeks if not sooner.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

In response to this outrage of a verdict, thousand upon thousands of people all over the world have launched a loud unified cry condemning the verdict, and urging federal authorities to consider prosecuting Anthony under one of several available statutes governing the violation of one's civil rights. Along with calls from aggrieved citizens to media outlets and law enforcement officials, along with marching in the streets, a very notable petition has been drafted and circulated online, urging United States Attorney general, Eric Holder, and United States Attorney for the Central District of Florida, Robert O'Neill, to bring forth federal charges against Anthony for various violations of Caylee Anthony's civil rights. This petition titled "Petition For The Federal Government To Prosecute Casey Anthony" can be found at under the "Activist" section or one can Google the title and be immediately taken to the main page. I believe the petition to be sound and certainly in the true interests of justice, and I urge the Federal Government to take action against the wicked murderer, Casey Anthony, before she kills another child. We all love music and we love our favorite bands and singers, but, our enjoyment should take a momentary back seat to the far more somber issue of a child murderer getting off virtually scott free. Won't you join us in our efforts to ensure that Caylee Anthony's small tender life had meaning, and that a psychopathic child killer receives the justice for which she deserves?

PLEASE, Eric Holder and the Federal Government of the United States, prosecute Casey Anthony for her horrible crime!

Show her we're tired of monkeying around with child murderers!

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Comment by Anonymous

July 7th 2011 20:59
Sorry, but Eric Holder would be the worst person to petition, along with the federal government in general, over this case. I too found it sickening that Casey Anthony was found not guilty but bringing in the federal government is asking for a clusterf* and reduced rights for states and counties. I mean, Holder wouldn't even prosecute those responsible for election day intimidation nor investigate reports of election tampering in 2008. He's no one to trust at all.

Comment by Daniel Griffith

July 7th 2011 21:09
Even if you are correct in your assessment, the problem is Attorney general Holder is the ultimate authority to decide the question whether or not to prosecute Anthony, no matter if the federal prosecutors want to go forward. Pursuant to "The Petite Policy", any federal prosecutor must gain consent from the Attorney General when going forth with a prosecution taken from a state case. So, the author is correct: the decision is with the U.S. Attorney General.

Comment by Walter Self, Esq.

July 8th 2011 12:12
[Excellent article, Mr. LegEagle, and there are many people around the world, like myself, who feel let down by the American justice system in this case. It is obvious to any reasonable person the murderer got off. If the Federal Government is truly committed to bringing justice to tiny victims of crime, like Caylee Anthony, it will quickly move forward to initiate federal charges against that despicable mother. And, finally, what you have presented in your article is absolutely true: Attorney General Holder would be the final say-so whether or not the Feds would go forward with any possible charges. Thank you, Davido LegEagle, for a fine insight into the Anthony trial.

Comment by S.L.

July 8th 2011 12:41
Holder is a disgrace to the Office of Attorney General. He has no interest in Justice, only in opportunities involving racism (his own).

The jury system failed terribly to get justice for little Caylee and there doesn't seem to be any recourse but to pray that Ms. Anthony never has another child or the urge to kill another innocent. Should this happen again, I would hate to be a member of the jury that let her off so lightly.

One more thing... there have been several cases in which the body of the deceased was NEVER found so the cause of death could not be verified. There have been convictions with even less circumstantial evidence and less cause than the Anthony case, so for the jury members to excuse themselves from their negligence by not knowing exactly how Caylee died rings very hollow indeed.

Comment by Lee M Scott

July 8th 2011 19:34
It would do my heart good to see the Feds prosecute Casey Anthony. I know already they could do so, but, convincing the prosecutors to allocate time and money might be difficult. We'll wait and see. In the meantime, I, along with thousands signed the petition.


Comment by Tiffany Brandeis, Attorney at Law

July 8th 2011 19:42
This is a very good story you have written, Davido, and I applaud you for your passion and the passion of others around the world who want to see justice for the murdered child, Caylee Anthony. I am an Illinois attorney and while I completely agree with your premise, I have no faith in the federal authorities acting responsibly in an all-encompassing matter like this one. It could wind up being I get fooled, but, I'll await with a dim eye that our Federal Government with Eric Holden leading it comes down on this woman.

Comment by Brad Bishop

July 8th 2011 21:44
Your text goes hereNice article Davido. I hope federal authorities act responsive to the murdered baby.

Comment by Anonymous

July 10th 2011 11:41
So, how long is it going to take before we find out if Casey will be prosecuted again or if it's a done deal? Years, months, weeks?

Comment by Hercobius/UK

July 10th 2011 13:54
I followed this story and you Yanks certainly have a screwed up system of justice. Dotes for jurors. Maybe Casey will screw up like OJ did and then they can hand down some street justice.

Comment by Suzie Preston

July 11th 2011 20:59
There is so much clammoring right now for the Federal government to bring charges against Casey Anthony it is impressive. Your story, along with a good many others, has set the right tone and balance for the federal prosecutors in Florida to at least start looking at possible charges. There is nothing better that I'd like to see is the U.S. Marshals snap the cuffs on that snake the moment she is released from the Orlando jail.

Comment by Anonymous

July 13th 2011 21:58
You STUPID IDIOTS!!! Seriously!! I can't believe that you people would petition to have someone tried for the same crime twice!!! Do you ignorant, uneducated simpletons realize that this sets the precedent for EACH AND EVERY one of us!?! I hope that you people get what you want, and then when you find yourself in a legal situation, or at the ass end of a cop or prosecutor that doesn't like you, or WORSE accused of a crime you didn't commit, (it happens every day stupid, just watch one episode of Dallas DNA) and the same rights you intend to squash to satisfy your sour grapes loser bull, are not there for you when you need them!!! That would be justice!!! I can't believe that you idiots would suggest this!! I can't wait for your trials!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Where do you people come from?!? I can't imagine the back woods crack of the nation that breeds people who would want to try an American citizen for the same crime twice!!!! Be careful what you wish for DUMB ASSES!!!!!

Comment by S.L.

July 13th 2011 22:25
Actually, Anonymous, there is a precedent for a person being tried twice for the same crime. Ever hear of O.J. Simpson? He was found "not guilty" in criminal court and "guilty" in civil court. He didn't go to jail, but he had big fines to pay.

Also the state criminal court is not the same as a federal court, in that the state didn't consider the civil rights of the victim. So a case can be made that killing Caylee violated her civil rights.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Comment by Craig Kostelnic

July 13th 2011 22:29
LOL! Dig the "legal expert" above and the loopy views he spews. I would suggest that the "legal expert" who rants about "dumb asses" and "stupid idiots" read the legal authorities decided by the United States Supreme Court in Bartkus v United States, 359 U.S. 121 (1959) and Heath v Alabama, 474 U.S. 82 (1985) and educate themself with the principles of Dual Sovereignty before spouting off that the Federal government could not retry Casey Anthony on federal charges. The "legal expert" couldn't even furnish us his name to take formal credit for this amazing legal mind. Now, really, Anonymous, who is the REAL dumb ass??

Comment by Mindy Hewitt

July 13th 2011 22:39
Anonymous, you are typically speaking without a full understanding of the law governing the legal principle of Double Jeopardy. The Federal Government is a dual sovereign and criminal prosecutions taken from State courts do not violate the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment. Casey Anthony was tried for Murder under Florida statutes. She could be indicted by the Federal Government under the Murder statute which has several specific subsections dealing with (a) murder of a child, and (b) murder of an immediate family member. She could be indicted for Obstruction Of Justice. And, by virtue of the defense theory of that case, Casey and george Anthony could be indicted and tried on conspiracy charges as well. Double jeopardy provisions only apply to State prosecutions, not the Federal Government. The cops that beat up Rodney King, for instance, were acquitted in State court and then convicted in federal court. United States v Koon, 833 F.Supp 769 (CD Cal 1993), affirmed 34 F. 3d 1416 (9th Cir. 1994). So, actually, Anonymous, you are just speaking from your frustrated heart rather than give credence to the letter of the law.

Comment by Anonymous

November 2nd 2011 19:55
Wow, so many people know so little. Casey Anthony can not be retried for murder of Caylee!
There is no federal jurisdiction in the case. No jurisdiction = no trial. Go look up what jurisdiction and why its need before just writing "yes she can." When has a petition every over ruled the Constitution? Please don't waste time asking me where is my pic, or talk about things that have nothing to do with this. If you have real question or argument I'll respond but not to some idiotic diversion thing. If you don't know enough about it learn about or STFU. BTW its not the OJ case or the Rodney King case. Those cases had different elements in them that the Casey Anthony case did not have. If you tell me there are Fed murder laws, I'm going to tell you look up what jurisdiction is, because its not about which laws are broken.

Test post its Nov 2011

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